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What is Negative SEO? And How It Can Really Affect You

Negative SEO is commonly known as negative search engine optimization practice it includes many spammy and illegal techniques and tricks to downgrade a website from SERP’s from top to bottom or even let’s suppose you are ranking on Google 1st page and 1st result then suddenly your competitor or your rival started negative SEO campaign against your business website, you start seeing downranking of your website day by day and eventually it will place your site on the 2nd or 3rd page of the Google.

What is Negative SEO? And How It Can Really Affect You 1
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Maybe you have ever discovered that negative SEO is a fantasy and can not be accomplished? Or do you guess that you are the victim of negative SEO in your site, because of an influx of spammy links?

Whatever you could have ever learned of negative SEO, on this page, we are going to be describing this subject as much detail as you can. We are going to clarify what drawback search engine optimization is, just how common it is, and the way you can assess if you are or are not the victim of this.

What is Negative SEO?

A negative SEO definition can be tricky to find, since the subject is barely discussed, and it is also rather wide. But, we will try to make it as obvious as you can. Negative SEO isn’t any malicious effort taken from the website in an effort to damage your positions.

Negative search engine optimization is not necessarily the end result of your opponents hoping to outrank you. Even though the majority of men and women assume that negative SEO occurs every time a competitor strikes you, it may also be the consequence of somebody using a vendetta and important search engine optimization resources at their disposal.

When & When Does Negative SEO Happen?

It happens when someone on the other side of the internet tries to devalue your website by targeting the core-specific keywords of your website.
It can happen at any time, either you are around on the internet for a very long time or a new company.

How Very Common is Negative SEO?

Google attempts to create negative SEO really hard to achieve. Furthermore, it requires a large quantity of resources, time, and capacity to establish a negative SEO attack from the other site.

Moz’s Dr. Pete includes a comprehensive review of negative SEO, and also the chance of this occurring to you personally, inside this informative article . Even though some of the opinions are supposed to be funny, he can have a fantastic point: strikes from the website aren’t really that common, and also what a lot of men and women believe is that an assault is actually just regular behavior.

Many frequent events are often confused for negative SEO. Since Dr. Pete states, if your connection profile–which is, the total landscape of hyperlinks pointing to your website, which ranges from positive to negative is largely poor, a few random links which happen without motive could push it beyond the breaking point and also permit you to get a penalty. You might perceive this as an assault, but it might truly be partly your doing.

Google also attempts to create negative SEO hard to do by disregarding”crap” connections that develop with time. Since everyone can relate to anything without motive, Google is not going to punish you for accessing links from websites you have never contacted which haven’t anything to do with you personally. Basically, the larger you get, the longer arbitrary links you will obtain, and also the weight Google will place inside them.

I Think I Might Be Under Attack…

Let us look at what else may force you to believe you are experiencing a negative SEO attack, and ways to rule out it.

things mistaken of negative seo

Let us evaluate these tips so that you are able to discover to rule out them.


If your website has vanished from your search engine ranks, and you have been discovering some questionable links recently, your initial response is to state”somebody came after me” On the other hand, the fact might actually be that you’re afflicted by a very different sort of punishment altogether.

Frankly, those links might not have a thing to do with your website having issues. The actual issue could be that your website was hacked, and continues to be eliminated in search engine results that it doesn’t inadvertently hurt others or infect different sites.

You may confirm that for yourself by assessing Webmaster Tools to get a message regarding spam, hacking, or even malware. Google includes a help page that provides advice about hacking, in addition to advice that will assist you to eliminate any malicious documents and request that a review of your website.


As we mentioned previously, odd links from websites you are not acquainted with are a normal portion of the world wide web. If those links do not utilize spammy anchor link or text for you thousands of occasions, they actually offer you no explanation for concern. You might believe that they’re hurting you, but they are likely being dismissed by Google because it’s.

Should you truly don’t feel comfortable permitting these hyperlinks to stay around–which is, if you are concerned they might become detrimental later on, or are worried they may be causing difficulties previously –you may disavow them. Google includes advice on disavowing hyperlinks on this site. But use warning: disavowing hyperlinks which are assisting you rank may cause huge problems for you, and might even cause acute damage to your traffic and visibility.


This specific phenomenon happens more frequently than another two, broadly , and that is what leads to companies thinking they’re being assaulted by their own opponents.

However… that they might have. Regrettably, oftentimes, SEO agencies, workers, as well as well-meaning family and friends will construct or purchase links since they believe that it helps enhance a site’s rank without any consequences. They do not recognize that those links will finally be detrimental. Since the company is not always mindful of the, it may take some time for the fact that come to light.

There is a lesson to be learned: prior to allowing anybody to construct connections for you, constantly ask what they may use. If their response promises rapid results at a really low price, run in another direction.

Identifying the Real & True Case of Negative SEO

Identifying an actual, legitimate case of search engine optimisation can be complicated. But if the 3 situations above have been fully ruled out, the site in question has obtained a penalty or has been standing extremely badly, and no other reason could be seen to get an influx of poor links, you could possibly be taking a look at a legitimate instance of negative SEO.

At this phase, you need to prepare yourself to commit all your resources and time in recovering from your assault on your website. This really is the only way that you are able to regain your Google ranks and receive your visitors back.


Step one is to recognize the links which are damaging your website. If you have been scammed, or so are actually under attack, odds are good that there’ll be countless links… or even tens of thousands… pointing towards your website you need to eliminate.

You will find a number of link audit programs that you could utilize to conduct this step, or you are able to examine your incoming links in Webmaster Tools to identify the hyperlinks which you’d love to keep or eliminate.


The very first thing Google will advise that you do is request any hyperlinks to be eliminated. Even in the instance of deliberate bad hyperlinks put on sites by opponents or malicious celebrations, you might have a opportunity to have them removed by simply asking.

Send ebooks to the websites where you’ve discovered such links, requesting the hyperlinks to be eliminated (or at least, altered into nofollow, so that they don’t have any burden ). Your email should include the following:

  • Your title, place, and contact info
  • The webpage (s) in which you found the connection (s) you need to be eliminated
  • A deadline for the elimination

Log your action on a spreadsheet so you are able to keep track of that you’ve contacted, when, and what type of response you’ve got. This spreadsheet will even help you produce a disavow document, which we will cover in the next step.

If you are requested to pay to get rid of a connection, or fulfilled with any type of denial or danger, do not be worried about it: some links which are not removed could be disavowed, that will be Google’s method of eliminating their own power. Simply decide on a deadline where you will do it on any hyperlinks which have not been manually eliminated and adhere to it.


If you accomplish the deadline you put on the hyperlinks you requested to be removed, and now you still have hyperlinks left , you will want to proceed to making a more disavow file. Google enables site owners to disavow hyperlinks –which can be effectively strip hyperlinks of the electricity –but cautions that disavowing could be detrimental to sites if used inappropriately.

Just disavow hyperlinks which you’re absolutely sure are damaging your site. A million links in the sports betting site are nice to disavow. But a connection or two out of a site in another industry are not necessarily damaging youif they seem odd. You ought to revolve around caring for those which are clearly questionable or put with malicious purpose. A URL to your website using the anchor text”[name] handbag” out of a gaming site is more malicious and likely designed to harm you. An associate with the text”examine this,” not really much.

Export the list of hyperlinks that have not been eliminated from the spreadsheet. You will create a text document containing the list of hyperlinks (or complete domain names ) you need to disavow and upload it into Webmaster Tools. Google has a webpage on disavowing hyperlinks to your website with thorough directions on making and submitting this particular document directly here.


It takes some time for Google to process that the hyperlinks on your disavow file. After this was successfully completed, but you ought to be prepared to proceed with the last step in your restoration procedure.

Oftentimes, site owners just find out they’re handling negative SEO, or will be the recipient of poor hyperlinks from a rival, just if they get a manual activity (or punishment ) in Google. If you obtained an unnatural hyperlinks penalty as a portion of a negative SEO attack, you’ll have to submit a reconsideration petition to receive back in the search engine success.

Do You Need More Help Dealing with Negative SEO?

Whether you are unsure you are handling a negative SEO attack you’re fighting with an unnatural hyperlinks punishment, or are only seeking a trusted partner to assist with your search engine marketing attempts, Atom Developers will provide help. As a top SEO service, we could determine any issues with your website, regardless of the origin, and fix them, enhancing your rank and boosting your visitors.

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