Top 8 Major Factors That Slow Down Your Website
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Top 8 Major Factors That Slow Down Your Website

Top 8 Major Factors That Slow Down Your Website
“Why is my website slow?”

It is a common issue for business owners, bloggers, hobby web programmers, and anybody else with a site. Even visitors will wonder why a site loads slowly, whether it’s their treasured social media network, site, or online shop.

If you’re dealing with a slow site, then read this article!

Learn about the most common offenders for a slow site, in addition to how to speed up your site. If you’re searching for expert help with a slow-loading website, contact us now and get your site optimized.

1. Unoptimized images

When pictures have a huge file size, regardless of alt tag, along with undescriptive file titles, they’re deemed un-optimized and is able to make your site load quicker.

Images made in apps like Photoshop are stored as big files. Even though they take a sizable amount of quality and detail, they are able to make your site load slowly since of that detail.

Additionally, Google can not really watch pictures. Rather they examine alt tags, that allow you to add a brief three- or – four-word description regarding the picture. However, with no description, Google does not understand what your pictures are.


You can use any tool from the internet to optimize your images, optimize images mostly include process of compressing and decreasing the size of the images.
If you are using WordPress you can use tools like:
Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images
EWWW Image Optimizer
ShortPixel Image Optimizer

And if you want to do it manually you can use online image optimizer like:
Image Optimizer
Online Image Сompressor

Also make sure to always use JPG and PNG file formats for your images.
PNG images are transparent in nature but can be larger in sizes, while JPG are the preferable file format to use on websites as they can be reduced to small size by compression.

2. Not using a content delivery network

If you do not own a content delivery network (CDN), then you might have a web site which loads slowly.

A CDN’s project would be to serve your site to users according to their place. After you utilize a CDN with your site’s server, it links the consumer to your website far more quickly.

A CDN additionally guarantees that your site is served to an individual from a nearby site. This helps your website load more quickly as the information has a shorter distance to travel between the consumer and your host.

By way of instance, if you start a page on your browser, then the browser has to communicate with the host to start it. A CDN accelerates the Procedure.


Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) can save your life!
Cloudflare is a go-to go if you are looking to host your website on CDN.
It will make your website a lot faster than ever as it can compress your HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT files with using custom coding and provides a hassle-free solution for minification.
Here is a tutorial on How To Put Your Website on Cloudflare

YouTube video

3. High website traffic

High site traffic is just another reason to get a site loading slow.

Though data moves at the speed of light, sites can only accommodate a lot of people before slowing . The number of traffic that a website can handle is determined by its bandwidth.

This is really a technical term which suggests how much information that an online connection can handle in any given period of time. Bigger bandwidths — frequently called”broadband” — provide information more rapidly and adapt more traffic.

This is exactly what it really means when you find the device “Mbps” that stands for megabits per minute. This permits you to understand how much information is moved every second via your internet connection.


Getting high volume of traffic is good but if you are using low bandwidth settings then you need to reconsider it again.
To resolve this issue you just need to contact your web hosting company so they can increase it, simple solution.

4. Lots of elements on a page

In 2015, the normal page size has been 2MB. That rose in 2016 into 2.3MB. And from 2017, it is projected to rise 3MB. But what exactly do these MBs hold?

Your webpage size is influenced from the scripts, images, HTML, stylesheets, videos, pictures and other components you might have on a webpage.

When you’ve got more elements in the webpage, the page loads more gradually, which could lead to a slow site overall if all of the pages load such as snails.


To lower the load on your site, reduce the size and amount of components on a webpage.

Consider if it’s possible to reach your desired impact with fewer photographs, movies, or components overall. I (For those who have not optimized your pictures however, this could be the moment!)

If you do not know if you have a lot of components, do a heat map evaluation on your site to learn what users are clicking and viewing.

By way of instance, in case you’ve got an entire page filled with your organization’s YouTube videos, however the warmth map proves that just a quarter are getting clicks, then look at removing the movies which are not being watched.

5. Too many ads

too many ads

Ads occupy space on your website like pictures, videos, pictures and articles and could lead to a slow website.If you are enabling third parties to market on your site, they could make your page to load gradually.

Not only do advertisements raise your webpage loading time, but they are also annoying to audiences. If users do not bounce out of the site due to the loading period, they may bounce due to the advertisements.


If advertisements are decreasing loading period and causing people to rebound out of your site, you are going to lose valuable clients that are worth more than that which you’d earn out of advertisers.

If advertisements are the principal source of earnings, you might be shedding cash by having a lot of on a webpage. When a page takes a long time to load and customers see they are awaiting advertisements (rather than articles ), they will bounce only because they are annoyed.

Restrict your advertisements to a single or two per page. That will maintain your page loading semi-quickly, and it’s going to keep people on your website.

6. Inefficient hosting service

To be able to exhibit your site on the internet, you are going to need to have desire a hosting agency.

An internet host functions just like a empty lot in real property — it is the area in which you construct your site.

When a person types your site to a browser, the internet host functions your website to them out of their host.

Some web hosting providers are far better than others. In the event you opt for a more affordable hosting service, then you can lose valuable customers because of slow loading times.


Yes you saw it right!
Getting a reliable hosting can increase your website speed and optimizes it more than ever. Be sure to use Standalone web hosting service not shared hosting service, as share hosting service uses a lot of other people websites to host and it makes your website too slow.

7. Too many social sharing buttons

It is important to enable your customers to discuss your webpages on social websites immediately, it may slow down your page loading time in case you have a lot of societal sharing programs.

In order for all these buttons to perform their work, you need to add them into a website for a plugin. Additionally they will need to retrieve information from their various social networking site each time they are used.

By way of instance, in case you’ve got a Facebook and Twitter sharing option onto your site, both social networking websites get requests for certain information for the button to operate properly. If you merely have a couple buttons, then that is not a major thing.

But utilizing a talk button for each single social network is a issue.


If you are aware that your content doesn’t get many stocks on Pinterest or Reddit, eliminate those buttons in your plugin.

Get the amount of buttons to four or three per page. That’ll let you target social networks such as Facebook and Twitter without alerting your users.

It will also save your page from loading data websites that aren’t used. Your site visitors will not even miss them!

8. Limited time

There are a whole lot of factors which could make your site load slowly. That means that there are tons of steps which you want to choose to optimize your website for quick load time.

When you are operating a business, you most likely don’t have additional time to maximize a site too. And that is fine! There are pros that can take action for you and rescue from a slow site.


Choosing an expert is an easy solution to making your site load more rapidly.

Pros have the time, tools, and expertise to safeguard your site tons in no time and they can offer advice for what you could do .

Fix a slow website fast

If your website is too slow for the internet and you losing your potential customers or visitors.
Give us a quick message and we will fix your slow website fast as fast we can do!
We have a dedicated team to optimize your website so you can enjoy the best loading time possible.

Contact Us Now To Get Your Free Quick Speed Optimization Report.

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